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G5 Treatment


G5 Treatment £50

1 hour  treatment

G5 treatment is a deeper massage than a manual massage. 

this treatment feels like a body massage but much deeper and with a permanent vibrating sensation.

To obtain a specific results a course of treatments are needed 2 times per week up to 6-10 weeks and then recommend a maintenance treatment once every 4 weeks.

benefits of G5 treatment:

  • helps to break down tension nodules.

  • improves circulation.

  • treats and improves oedema.

  • deep tissue massage.

  • relaxes muscles.

  •  relieves muscular aches and pain.

  • improves the appearance and function of the muscles.

  • relieves fatigue and toxin build up within the muscles.

  • improves lymphatic circulation and helps with waste products removal.

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